Compress Middleware #

This middleware compresses the response body, according to Accept-Encoding request header.

Note: On Cloudflare Workers and Lagon, the response body will be compressed automatically, so there is no need to use this middleware.

Import #

import { Hono } from 'hono'
import { compress } from 'hono/compress'
import { Hono } from ''
import { compress } from ''

Usage #

const app = new Hono()

app.use('*', compress())

Options #

  • encoding: 'gzip' | 'deflate'
    • The compression scheme to allow for response compression. Either gzip or deflate. If not defined, both are allowed and will be used based on the Accept-Encoding header. gzip is prioritized if this option is not provided and the client provides both in the Accept-Encoding header.
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